"Rescued Ducklings"

Oxford Bird Rescue

Oxford Bird Rescue is the primary rehabilitation facility in Canterbury for Little owls but also serves as a drop off point for all types of injured or abandoned wild birds around the North Canterbury area in New Zealand. Some are cared for at the shelter while others are passed on to the appropriate organisation depending on species, injury and circumstance. OBR looks to engage the local community in the work they do and encourage people to get involved in the rescue, rehabilitation and release stages. Tracey and Scott have been involved in animal welfare and conservation for a number of years. OBR works closely with local vets and other bird rescue organisations around the country and have contacts in a number of government and non government organisations that deal with animal welfare, bird rescue and conservation issues. Since 2016 OBR also operates Canterbury Raptor Rescue under their umbrella which has been the foremost raptor rehabilitation organisation in the area since 2012. OBR is not a charity and is self funded. Any donations of money, food or equipment is gladly accepted.


Our primary form of contact is (021) 292-7861. As Oxford Bird Rescue is run from a private property just out of Oxford we encourage people to call first to arrange dropping birds off as there is not always someone here. If you find a bird that has a severe injury we urge you to take it directly to your closest vet clinic or to one of the local bird rescues listed on our contact page. As we are a small, self funded operation we do not have the resources or manpower to collect birds so we do rely on people being able to bring them to us. We are happy to offer advice as situations arise and in some circumstances where possible we will try to physically respond.

Email and Facebook messages will be responded to but not always immediately so these are not advised forms of contact for emergency assistance.

Who Are We?

Oxford Bird Rescue came about from a passion to help wild birds in need.

How Can I Help?

Oxford Bird Rescue is a non-profit organisation and values contributions to maintain it's upkeep.

Find Out More...

Connect with us on Social Media. Our facebook page contains the latest news and updates.


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